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Welcome to 3D Limited Editions Where We Turn Your Memories Into Legacy Art...
A Gift That's More Memorable Than Flowers Or A Night On The Town!
Wait What...
 It's Mother's & Father's Day Time Again!
Wait What...
It's Mother's & Father's Day Time Again?
 It Seems Like Just Yesterday We Were Celebrating Their Special Day!
Our parents are often the unsung heroes in our lives; sacrificing, giving, caring, and helping us every single day, even when we don't realize it. Given all that they do for us, it's especially important to remember them on their special day. 

Provide us with your favorite photo of your mom or dad and we'll engrave it into the crystal along with any personal message you'd like to add. 

This beautiful piece of crystal will look wonderful anywhere and is a gift your mom or dad will always treasure.

DON'T LET ANOTHER SPECIAL DAY SLIP AWAY WITH JUST AN ORDINARY GIFT FOR YOUR PARENTS! Seriously, how much time and thought do you put into giving your mom or dad a special gift to let them know how much they mean to you?

Well, because you're reading this you can't use that excuse now, can you? The old standby of flowers and ties just don't make the grade because you have the opportunity to give them a gift they will cherish for a lifetime.

I wish I could give my mom or dad a special gift. Actually I'd love the opportunity to tell them I love them, but I can't since my dad passed away over 30 years ago and my mom died of cancer.
There are special times in our lives we all hold near and dear to our hearts. Maybe it's the birth of a child, the fun times you have with you furry friend, or the memories of your championship team ...
Each 3D crystal cube is made with state-of-the-art crystals by an experienced designer who handles preserving your moment with care, from start to finish, in order to ensure maximum quality.

A 3D Limited Editions Crystal Cube fits for every occasion - Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, Holiday Season, Graduation, and Memorial. This is the best present for your spouse, parents, grandparents, other family members, couples, friends, and even pet owners!
Several years ago, as you can tell from my video above... I had a special picture taken with my daughter. It ranks right up there as one of my favorites. So much so, that I wished I could do more than just frame it.

Then some years later,  I came across a site that could take me memory and turn it into a 3D Crystal Cube and I thought that's fantastic what a great idea.

So I had two made one for me and one for Brianna, my daughter.

I was hooked, so when My Favorite team won the Super Bowl I took the image from the Sports Illustrated Cover and created another 3D Crystal Cub
Welcome to 3D Limited Editions
Where You'll Find The Inspiration to Create Some of The Finest Legacy Art Ideas From the Special Moments of Your Life
My Name Is Jack Corn
Several years ago I had a special picture taken with my daughter, which ranks right up there as one of my favorites. So much so, that I wished I could do more than just frame it.

Then some years later, I came across a site that could take my memory and turn it into a 3D Crystal Cube and I thought, "Wow! What a great idea!"  So I had one made for me and one made for my daughter, Brianna.

I was hooked, so when my favorite team won the Super Bowl, I took the image from the Sports Illustrated Cover and created another 3D Crystal Cube.
I Was Hooked! 
I Knew If I Liked This Cool Idea, Other's Would Too...
So, I Started My 3D Crystal Cube Business Because I Wanted To Share The Joy of Giving and The Joy One Gets From Receiving These Incredible Gifts!
So For Taking The Time To Visit Our Page....
I'd Like To Offer You The Following...
Exclusive Offers 
You Won't Find Anyplace Else!
Your Choice Of Landscape, Heart Shape Or Portrait
Just give us the best photo you’ve got. A devoted designer will treat your memory like a work of art and professionally remove the background. You can keep the background - your choice - just let us know in the special instructions. This includes only 3D products.
You'll Receive Our Exclusive Presentation Box
Show off your 3D Limited Editions Crystal Cube in our specially designed presentation box, a keepsake in it's own.
We'll Remove The Background Image
If You Want Us To? Sometimes the background is too busy so we offer a choice to remove it so the crystal will only show the most important features!
Add Up To 4 People In Your Crystal Cube
You may add up to 4 people within your crystal cube, however, sometimes the background is too busy. We offer a choice to remove it so the crystal will only show the most important features!
Add A Special Message O
Add Your Logo For Branding Purposes
Give us a logo (optional), or a special message and we'll do the rest.
Super Cool Bonus
We're Going To Upgrade Your Order To Include A Keychain Of Your Image.

Personalizing your gift makes it truly unique and special! And a 3D Limited Editions personalized keychain is just such a gift. 

Practical, long-lasting, and beautiful, this special keychain can be customized with a cherished photo. Excellent as a stocking stuffer, housewarming gift, and an any-time-at-all gift.
Super Cool Bonus #2
Super Cool Bonus #3
Summarize the benefits, the value of the bonuses and 
explain that the offer is so irresistible compared to the price!
Give a Strong Call To Action That this is A
limited time offer!
Plus You'll Get Our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Now it's time for the....
The Closing Arguments
Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase This AMAZING Offer!
  •  Amazing Offer #1 Choice of Crystal Type ($219 Value)
  •  Amazing Offer #2 Exclusive Presentation Case ($37 Value)
  •  Amazing Offer #3 Background removal ($27 Value)
  •  Amazing Offer #4 Up to 4 people in the image ($69 Value)
  •  Amazing Offer #5 Add a special message ($19 Value)
  • Amazing Offer #6 Add a logo to brand your gift ($37 Value)
  •  Super Cool Bonus - Keychain of your image ($59 Value)
Total Value: $467
But today, you're getting all of this...
All For Only $197
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